How to Run Multiple Versions of Kodi Using the Noy Fork

Introduction to Kodi Customization

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For tech enthusiasts who thrive on tailoring their digital environments, the capability to run multiple versions of Kodi on a single device presents a thrilling opportunity. Kodi, an open-source media player, offers vast potential for customization but can be limited when it comes to simultaneously managing different builds or setups. This is where the custom fork I developed, called Noy, comes into play. Noy facilitates running distinct Kodi versions side by side, each with its unique settings and add-ons.

The Appeal of Custom Kodi Builds

Kodi’s strength lies in its versatility. Users can tailor the software extensively through various builds and add-ons, enhancing the user experience by integrating personal preferences for how content is managed, accessed, and displayed. These builds can be optimized for different purposes—some may prioritize live sports, while others might be geared towards movie enthusiasts or integrate more robust parental controls.

Challenges of Multiple Setups

Typically, managing multiple Kodi builds on a single device requires constant tweaking and switching between settings, which can lead to conflicts between add-on dependencies or settings. It also complicates updates, as each new Kodi release might not be compatible with all custom setups.

The Solution: Noy Fork

Noy addresses these challenges by allowing each Kodi instance to operate independently. This separation ensures that changes made in one version do not affect another, which is ideal for:

  • Testing new builds: Without risking the stability of your main setup.
  • Family sharing: Where different family members have their own tailored Kodi experience.
  • Developers and content creators: Who need to test their builds and add-ons in different environments.

How Noy Enhances Kodi

Noy not only simplifies the management of multiple Kodi versions but also extends the core functionalities of Kodi. With Noy, you can:

  • Run concurrent instances: Each instance can be updated or modified independently.
  • Maintain separate media libraries: Perfect for keeping adult and children’s content separate.
  • Experiment safely: Test new add-ons or skins without disrupting your primary setup.

Getting Started with Noy

Setting up Noy is straightforward. I’ll guide you through downloading and installing Noy, ensuring you can start enjoying dual Kodi instances with minimal setup. Whether you’re a Kodi veteran or new to media customization, Noy makes it easy to explore and expand your media center’s capabilities.

This enhanced approach to Kodi customization through the Noy fork not only broadens the functionality of Kodi but also makes it accessible for users with varied needs and technical expertise. Stay tuned as we dive into the detailed setup process, ensuring you can maximize your Kodi experience with ease.

Why Run Multiple Kodi Versions?

There are several reasons you might want to operate multiple Kodi instances. Whether it’s for testing different builds, separating user profiles, or simply experimenting with new features without disrupting your main setup, Noy makes this feasible and straightforward.

Setting Up Noy and Kodi

Noy is a fork of Kodi, meaning it operates just like Kodi but allows for independent versions running concurrently on your device. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get started:

  1. Visit My Website: Head over to, where I’ve provided a plethora of resources including a direct link to download Noy. The site is also home to news, articles, and the upcoming Streamers Club, which you can join for free.
  2. Download Noy: Use the Downloader app on your device. Enter the code 949932 in the URL bar, which will redirect you to my download page. Accept the GDPR compliance popup to proceed to the download links.
  3. Install Noy: Find Noy version 1.19.12 from the download section. Click the download button, grant the necessary permissions, and install Noy alongside your existing Kodi setup.

Experience Dual Kodi

With Noy installed, you can now run two versions of Kodi independently. This setup is ideal for those who wish to explore different builds or need a separate environment for testing without affecting their main configuration.

Feedback and Updates

I am contemplating updating Noy to version 20, and your feedback would be invaluable. If you’ve used Noy, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Should I continue to develop and enhance Noy? Your input will help guide future updates.


Running multiple versions of Kodi is simpler than ever with Noy. Whether you’re a seasoned Kodi user or new to customizing your media experience, Noy offers a flexible and powerful tool to enhance your setup. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on all future releases and check out all the resources available at